How to move: easy.

Moving apartments or house is always a stressful topic – no matter if you only have a small amount of items, or enough to populate a small palace…

Since I have lived in London over the last 5 years, I have rented in five different places. The first four of them came furnished, so fortunately, I didn’t have to move with furniture. The last apartment in London came unfurnished, so my husband and I bought all of the furniture we needed for our two bedroom flat, including outdoor furniture for our balcony. 

During lockdown we welcomed our two little puppies Molly and Milo to our home which definitely cheered us up and kept us busy during the pandemic. 

Although our apartment was fairly large for a London apartment, we really wanted some more space and a garden for the four of us so we decided to look at houses outside London.

We found the perfect place, a beautiful house so we decided to move! Aside from the whole agency/contractual side, there are a lot of things to consider and plan for. 

This was our first move with furniture 

To make your move as smooth as possible, read my tips and tricks below:

  1. Start packing as early as possible 

Trust me, it’s better to start too early than too late. 

You can always start with with small bits that you don’t necessarily need like decor items.

To save space in our main living area, I moved all the boxes to our second bedroom and to our family bathroom.

  1. Have a clear out and declutter

Packing to move is a great chance to have a look through what you really need, what you don’t, and what you can upcycle or recycle.

You will simply not believe the amount of items that I found within minutes of looking that I could sell or donate – whether it was clothes, decor, electrical items – it’s a perfect time to declutter, and you will be surprised what you find!

  1. Keep big boxes 

What I started doing weeks before our move was to find cardboard boxes – any that I could find. You dan also purchase them, but reusing is always better! ☺️ You can fold them, they won’t take away too much space and you will definitely need them.

4. Label boxes with rooms and what’s inside it

This is a very helpful step, especially if you have a lot of stuff and many rooms in your new home.

We moved into a townhouse and had a lot of stuff as we already had a fairly big apartment before. Simply putting a floor or room reference made it much easier for our moving team and us to locate and place our belongings. 

5. Hire a removal service 

As this was our first move with so many items and large pieces of furniture, we decided to hire a removal service ☺️ we were fortunate enough to be a VIP of Fantastic Services who brought a moving team and two vans to help make our move as smooth as possible. They were able to dismantle, pack, and reassemble all of our furniture in our new home for us! 

They also moved all of our packed boxes to the rooms where they were needed!

All we had to do was unpack the boxes in the room at our leisure 😍

As well as this, they also offer many other services, such as cleaning and gardening services! 


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